Essay On Adversity

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How a person handles a adversity can either be a defining, or defeating moment. Adversity can be compared to hot water, how will you react in the hot waters of life? There are three options on how to handle trying situations; hard as an egg, soft like a carrot, or make a change in your situation, like coffee beans do in hot water. In my seventeen years of life, I have handle adversity hardly, softly, and effectively. I have handled adversity as an egg by becoming hard when hurt, a carrot by becoming soft regarding school, and flourishing as a coffee bean by making mature decisions.
Sometimes people can be unreliable and disappointing. As a teenager, these particular traits, that every person possesses, had affected me greatly. When this
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Each way of handling adversity can be effective in a person’s own way, but it is about how you perceive your circumstance. For myself, the most adequate way was the coffee bean. I believe in changing the surrounding situation and becoming an example to others around me. For example, with the stress of senior year at hand, it is easy to be pessimistic with school work and college applications and scholarships. I try to be a positive light in the lives of my friends, because I have learned how to handle the stress of school. A single word can change someone’s perspective of their adversities.
Handling each situation as an egg and a carrot lead me to making mature decisions and growing as a person. I believe that this is what it means to handle adversity as a coffee bean. Stress and hurt made it clear to see that handling adversity by changing my perspective and the situation. Everything you do defines you, and everyone is watching to see how you will handle things, especially adversity. How will you handle adversity; soft as a carrot, hard as an egg, or flourish as coffee

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