The Importance Of Adolescents On Youth Development

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An adolescents risk behavior is influenced by their social background, specifically the community that they live in. Teens raised in disadvantaged communities have higher rates for identifying as at-risk adolescents. The focus of our research group project is to provide a diversity of resources to increase youth development and too moderate or diminish the hazardous influences from poor communities. How can we provide a diversity of resources to increase youth development? My own research will look at the question through the scope of Social Sciences in the discipline of Psychology by working with adolescents from middle school to high school in a field experiment. Previous researchers have followed up on the effects of different types of programs …show more content…
As a Psychologist, I view the world not only through what I can physically see and test but I also focus on how perspectives and views of the physical world change from person to person. It is basically in some sense my job to question everything that we think or know as the truth by looking at these through different people 's perspectives.Knowledge is acquired through both quantitative and qualitative methods. Psychology as a Social Science required a more flexible approach than both Natural Sciences and Humanities. A psychologist scholar will argue that through experiences innate knowledge can be gathered but not all knowledge can be solely derived from experience alone. For this reason Psychologist use the scientific method to gather empirical data, but may also include qualitative methods in a research experiment such as interviews that collect participants different experiences.The methods that scholars in Psychology use mainly revolve around the scientific method to test hypothesis. Those hypothesis however can be tested by conducting case studies, labs or field experiments, pilot studies, and through questionnaires or interviews. Psychologist differ from Fine Art and Education Scholars because we can focus on broader influences to adolescents. While Education focuses on course curriculum and Fine Arts focuses on art programs, Psychologist can choose to research both and any other subject that pertains to the subject of adolescent

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