What I Learned In Math Class

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The focus of recent lectures and laboratory sessions has been on how to integrate technology with math as well as continuing to be introduced to new applications that encourage hands-on learning with students. Math being a subject I work hard to avoid as much as professionally possible, these lessons were helpful for getting me to face my greatest weakness and become more comfortable as well as resourceful with how I approach the topic in the classroom now and in the future. Working as a substitute teacher, I get the unique opportunity to take what I see out in the classrooms and connect it with what I learn in my courses, as well as I get to take what I learn in my college courses and use it to improve my skills as I substitute teach.
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I have one memory of going to the computer lab in kindergarten and counting sheep on a desktop program, but only textbooks and worksheets the rest of that grade. During my homeschooled years my parents did use educational math video games to supplement what they were teaching my siblings and I. Compared to what is available now, though my application uses when I was a student is only the tip of the iceberg of what is available today. Technology in the classroom offers so much potential for students of all ages in regards to stimulating their minds and helping them practice simple skills they learn in …show more content…
These activities the last two weeks have stimulated my own thinking when it comes to math and technology in education. The lectures and labs the last two weeks have given me a bountiful amount of technological tools and applications to use for teaching. They have also inspired me to look for other Pre-K through 6th-grade appropriate devices for teaching students and engaging their minds. Now it is important I continue to increase my knowledge and skills in math as well as in how I should teach math because of the amount of influence and responsibility I will have when I have my own classroom one day.

Besides the goal of continuing to improve my own math abilities so I can better challenge my students in their own skills and confidence it is important I am well versed in the technologies associated with math whether it’s a Scratch application or Explain Everything I need to be in a position to help students understand how to navigate different apps and ideas as well as encourage them to push their limits. I need to challenge myself to look outside the box and find ways to teach students at their level and find new ways to raise them to a new level effectively. This assignment has helped me to put in perspective how much technology and math can go hand in hand when it comes to teachers being more efficient teachers and students learning more effectively as

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