Technology In The Classroom: A Case Study

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Throughout the years, when students would enter the inside of a classroom it consisted of a teacher a chalk board and a lesson to be copied. Teachers would often come across a group of unengaged students who struggled to stay awake. These days are coming to an end, in the last century the boom in the world of technology has took America by storm. Technology today is now used as a tool to help teachers educate their students. Technology can be found inside of classrooms for students as young as preschoolers all the way up to high school seniors. While research shows that technology can be a useful tool to have in classrooms if used accordingly. The use of technology can create an engaging, fun, and creative learning atmosphere however, if used in the wrong manner can be harmful.
According to Webster dictionary Technology is development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the
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The overall cost of the plan is $890,020 along with the price an increase bandwidth and improvement of wireless networks (Sarkauskas, 2014). One of the board members who voted against the new plan felt the money could have been spent on improving the school (Sarkaukas, 2014). Although the district has developed a new plan there are still things that should be addressed. Board member Gasper also felt training teachers, liability issues, and how teachers will be assessed should have been discussed (Sarkaukas, 2014).
Resident Ellen Knautz, has children enrolled in middle school as well high school spoke against the fee (Sarkaukas, 2014). Knautz believed that the district should not have to charge parents (Sarkaukas, 2014). She also felt the school district should have waited before implanting this plan because many districts were still in the first year (Sarkaukas, 2014). Teacher Alice Gustafson felt unsure of the new plan she stated “two years ago I didn’t even have a

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