Reflective Essay: Between The World And Me

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a) My portfolio is comprised of all the assignments I have worked on during this semester. These papers include a rhetorical analysis on the book Between the World and Me, a synthesis paper on a research question, a non-academic persuasive essay, and this introduction paper. Overall, these papers were more interesting than most college papers I have been assigned. These were some of the few papers I enjoyed writing because of the freedom we had to express our opinions. I like the way we could address the topic in our own fashion and not have to stick heavily to a rubric. Each assignment was a new, refreshing topic that opened my eyes on a lot of real world issues. If I had more time to improve these essays, I would give a more
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I have taken away unnecessary words that distract the reader from the topic at hand. Before my final drafts, I would notice my paragraphs would be all over the place and my work would be confusing, but now it can be seen my papers are more organized and easier to stay on track with what I am saying. My feedback has helped me make a more conscious effort to stop and pay attention to what I want the audience to take away from my writings. c) The most difficult assignment was the synthesis paper. I was struggling with finding good sources the incorporate in my writing and I found it hard trying to find a good research question without being too broad or too narrow. Having to include sources in papers was something new for me, so I had a difficult time trying to figure out if the source was good enough or how I could tie it in with my writing. This paper took me the longest to write because I had so many issues I could talk about, it was hard to choose what I should touch …show more content…
An academic paper would not be good if the writer makes it sound like it is for a non-academic audience. I now know when writing an academic paper, I need to stay clear of my opinion and focus more on the facts. The more bias a writer makes the paper, the more it becomes an opinionate piece than an informative piece. Non-academic papers are where a writer could thrive because they can be a little bias and argue for beliefs. I know when writing for a non-academic audience, I can tone down my loaded words and my writing can be a little more informal. Everything about writing for a certain audience is shown throughout all my assignments. I made sure each assignment was setup for the audience it was meant for and fit they way I wrote with the correct

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