The Importance Of A Tradition Passed Down Essays

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A Tradition Passed Down From the day I was able to sit still long enough to sit in the deer stand with my dad, I was nearly always there with him, right by his side like a miniature shadow. The first time I hunted with him, I knew that this would be a sport that would engulf me, and one I would do for a great amount of time. Being able to share this time with my father out in the woods was simply priceless. After 8 years of being able to watch my father hunt, it had become time for me to start my own hunting career. I had turned 12 that summer, and had practiced shooting 60 plus arrows a day in hopes that I would get the opportunity to fill my tag. The tables had turned for my dad. Instead of him being the hunter, he became the observer. Although this was different for him at first, we still had a great bonding time, and it allowed us to share something we both loved to do.
The season did not start out as I had hoped. My dad and I had sat fourteen sits without seeing a deer. This seemed like a long time, but all of those sits seeing nothing were worth it. Everything changed the fifteenth sit, it was a rainy afternoon, and finally the storm had passed. We decided it would be a good time to go out and hunt, so we headed out and climbed into our stand. A few hours had passed, and finally the first deer had been seen. It was a doe, and she was working her way towards us. I stood up and got my trusty mission bow in my hand. All of my practice was about to pay off. She walked…

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