Should Teens Be Allowed To Get Birth Control Without Their Parent's Permission

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A Teen’s Choice
Should female students be allowed to get birth control without their parent’s permission? This is a very sensitive topic that many adults seem to never agree on. Although the teenage pregnancy rate is not as high as it once was in the United States the teen birth rate is higher than it is in other developed countries, such as Canada and the United Kingdom ( Hamiliton, Martin, Osterman 2015). There are numerous reasons why I feel as if teenage girls should have the privilege to receive birth control when they feel it is needed. Some parents believe if they provide birth control for their teenage girls that it gives them the initiative to have sex. On the other hand you have some parents that believe it is better to be safe
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So most parents feel that the fact that teen girls can sneak out and get birth control without permission can cause tension between them and their teenager and eventually make the situation worse. Some people feel that the whole purpose of being a parent is being in control, but it is definitely not! A parents should shape and mold his/her child the way they feel is correct until that child is an adult or mature enough to make their own decisions about their life. If teenagers are comfortable talking to their parents and their parents are supportive and understanding, they usually do not hide things. If a teenager is mature enough to make the decision to have sex they should be mature enough to know they are ready for birth control. Every parent should know what’s going on in their child’s life, but let’s be realistic, times have changed and children are becoming more sexually active at a younger age. For that reason I feel that parents should be more involved in their teen’s life so they will be more comfortable with talking with their parents about sex and birth control. But regardless, teenage girls should be able to make their own decision about protecting themselves against unplanned pregnancy if they have made their own decisions about engaging in

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