The Importance Of A Registered Nurse At A Time Of Clinical Decision Making And Patient Interaction

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The healthcare setting is an ever-changing and unpredictable environment, challenging nurses to various situations that come about in clinical practice (Caldwell & Grobbel, 2013). In such situations, the ability of the registered nurse to demonstrate effective clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills is an essential component of nursing competence (Pinnock & Welch, 2014). The following essay will explore the experience of a registered nurse during a time of clinical decision-making and patient interaction. With reference to the Levett-Jones et al., (2010) Clinical Reasoning Cycle, the progression of critical thinking will be demonstrated during this process, utilizing the eight steps involved in the cycle. This situation will then reflected upon, with reference to The Gibbs model, (1998), in order to enhance future nursing practice.
Tracey is a 60-year-old woman, who was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney disease (CKD) over four years ago. Tracey presents to her local emergency department, as she feels her health has been deteriorating in recent times. She has been feeling generally ill of late and increasingly fatigued throughout the day. She has noticed a decline in her weight over the past few months and has no appetite. Tracey also noted she has been passing blood stained urine in the toilet of late. Tracey has a history of hypertension, which was diagnosed over four years ago. Her doctor previously prescribed her with medication to control her hypertension; however,…

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