The Importance Of A Physician 's Assistant Essay

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Every profession within the medical field shares the common goal of treating people to extend the quality of their lives. Doctors, nurses, radiologists and dentists all share this goal of helping people live longer lives. For as long as I can remember, I have always taken an active interest in improving the health and livelihood of individuals. During my high school and early college career, I focused my studies on the sciences, hoping to explore different professions within the healthcare field. Sifting through the many career exploration seminars I have attended has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the role of a Physician’s Assistant (PA.) I know I want to have direct patient contact, allowing me to have more responsibility when it comes to a patient’s care plan, while being challenged everyday. Through online research, reading medical journals and shadowing different PA’s, I am convinced this is the career I am destined to pursue. While attending career seminars, partaking in job shadows, volunteering at hospitals and working as a Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) in assisted living facilities, I have personally witnessed a wide variety of opportunities in the medical field. The summation of these experiences has allowed me to gain valuable insight into the different aspects of healthcare professions working cohesively to help patients. As a result of these opportunities, I know the essential work ethic, communication, and bedside manor characteristics that…

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