The Importance Of A Perfect Friend

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Most people say that perfect friends do not exist. Rebecca would prove that statement to be false. Rebecca Dougherty is seventeen years old and a great person. She is very responsible and takes great care of the things she loves and would never abandon a friend. She is caring in all aspects and is constantly sharing photos and videos with the people she loves. Rebecca is a good friend because she is talkative, she is supportive of her friends, and she is intelligent.

Rebecca is a good friend because she always has something to talk about. Conversations with her are never boring. Whether it is talking about her newest obsession or listening to a friend vent, there is never a lull in the conversation. When she is not conversing about what new
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Any one of her friends would say that it seems like she always has the perfect thing to say. If she sees someone crying Rebecca is likely one of the first people to ask what is wrong, then take them somewhere private to calm down. Over text Rebecca will send pictures or videos to cheer up a sad friend or if it is more serious she will often suggest talking to a professional or send that friend resources to get more help. One of her friends had some family issues and Rebecca knew exactly what to do. She talked to that friend and then went to the school counselor so that her friend could get proper help. She remembers details about her friends that no one would expect. She knows that that her mom appreciates a warm cup of coffee before work and her best friend only likes the blue Doritos. She can always be counted on to bring the most personal or meaningful gifts to a birthday party. One time she even gave a friend's younger brother his favorite Pokémon stuffed animal for his birthday, even though they were not very close. Inside jokes are plentiful within any of her conversations. She knows her best friends sense of humor perfectly and sends pictures and videos that she knows will go over well with the other …show more content…
All her life she has gotten near-perfect grades in all honors classes. Doing nearly twice the work of regular classes and still getting great grades while balancing two school clubs and hobbies is no easy feat. She is involved with the anime club and the gay-straight alliance. She often stays after school to help plan for the various events that clubs attend like safe a trick-or-treat around Halloween or the homecoming parade. When the clubs plan for events like that, Rebecca easily steps up to take charge and make sure everything gets done on time. Rebecca even has her whole adult life planned out. She knows she wants to attend Rowan for college and that she wants to live in Pennsylvania. She is going to be a lower elementary school teacher. With all the compassion that she has it is the perfect job for her. She could do well in a profession that would challenge her intelligence, but to her doing something she is passionate about is more important. Rebecca also devotes a lot of her free time to teaching herself how to play the guitar which is another nod to her intelligence. Learning such a complicated instrument with no help is very difficult, even for Rebecca, but she puts in the time anyway and because of that she is

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