Mexican Restaurant Research Paper

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I would put Mexican restaurants in their own food group. I eat, pray, and live for Mexican food. It is to the point that my friends and family do not even need to ask me where I want to go for dinner; they know I will be okay with any Mexican restaurant. Two of my many favorites are Margarita House and Los Tres Amigos. You cannot go wrong with either restaurant, but there are a few factors that contribute good and bad to each one. The key components to a good Mexican restaurant are location, cleanliness of the restaurant, reliability of the wait staff, typical wait time, and most importantly the food itself. Los Tres Amigos is on Lebanon Pike in Donelson, and Margarita house is on Adams Lane in Mount Juliet. Both restaurants are under …show more content…
Los Tres Amigos rarely has a wait, but does get fairly busy. This is probably because Margarita House is more well-known and is not as much of a hole in the wall type of restaurant. At both restaurants, once you are seated a waiter promptly takes your drink order. When they come back with your drink, you order your food. How long you wait on your food depends completely on the time of day and how busy they are at that time. Neither restaurant takes an extremely long amount of time to make the food; both are as efficient and quick as they can be. The workers at Los Tres Amigos tend to be friendlier and seem happier to be doing their job. The host greets you with a smile and the waiters will offer advice as you order and never fail to mention their weekday BOGO special. Margarita House employees seem bored and kind of dreary. So, while Margarita House has more popularity and public appeal, Los Tres is friendlier and …show more content…
You can order a la carte, but full meals average to be around $8 to $14 not including a drink. Cheese dip, which is my favorite, is the same price ($5) at both restaurants. On Sundays Margarita House offers BOGO if you bring in your church bulletin, but Los Tres Amigos offers BOGO every weeknight. Both restaurants have superb lunch specials, but Los Tres Amigos has better, cheaper lunch deals. Los Tres Amigos has more unique items on their menu compared to Margarita House. Both have large menus with a lot to choose from, Los Tres Amigos just has more than your typical Mexican food. For example, they have every kind of enchilada you would ever want, from chorizo, bean, cheese, chicken, beef, and steak. You could get it covered in cheese, green sauce, red sauce, or their special enchilada sauce. The options on Los Tres Amigos’ menu seem endless!
I personally think that Los Tres Amigos tastes better than Margarita House. The cheese dip is superb, and the salsa cannot be beat. The overall food quality seems better. They serve every meal with sides of rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream, and sometimes guacamole. The tacos are perfectly crispy, enchiladas and burritos cooked just right, and do not get me started about how lifechanging the quesadillas are. Margarita House tastes amazing too, and while their chimichangas are slightly better, Los Tres Amigos still outweighs them in overall

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