Essay about The Importance Of A Irish Step Dancing

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Another major change in Irish step dancing since its creation, and even in the last century, is the actual movement of the dancers. Watching Irish step dancing now, it is very clear that the movement is about the feet. In competition, dancers move their feet and legs quickly and swiftly in order to impress judges and the audience. Another distinct feature about Irish dance as opposed to other dance styles is the rigidity of the top half of the body. Dancers keep their torsos straight and keep their arms at their side. Keeping the arms at the sides is so important to the sport that judges will actually deduct points from a dancer’s score if there is any movement in the arms. However, this rigidity in the torso and arms was not always the case within the sport, even over the last century. Colin Dunne spoke to this in an interview with Zuzana Vilikovska, of the Slovak Spectator.
In its original form, people moved not just their hands, but the whole body – and they hung, in a way. I associate the lack of movement in the arms and upper body with the beginnings of the 20th century and the whole revival of Irish culture. The governing body that was set up to look over the whole spectrum of competitions – because people in numerous competitions moved their bodies and arms in different ways – standardised the whole issue and there was a decision made that the Irish should not move the upper body (Vilikovska)
Beginning with the dance masters who appeared hundred of years ago, the…

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