Essay on The Importance Of A Healthy Relationship?

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Nowadays good relationships are hard to come by, especially ones that are long-lasting. Even if luck is on your side, sometimes you can’t always decide that the relationship is fifty-fifty. Maintaining a healthy relationship is both essential and takes a lot of hard work. Surely, the definition of a healthy relationship alters between each couple, but when you practice proper techniques and take certain factors into consideration, any couple’s relationship can be sure to stay on the right track for a long and strong relationship.
Communication is Crucial.
The number one way to maintain a healthy relationship is excellent communication skills. Something I discovered this year was that not all couples know how to communicate well and others don’t know how to communicate at all. In relationships, we communicate both verbally and non-verbally. In fact, there are key factors that contribute to healthy and unhealthy communication. Our nonverbal communication includes components such as providing information, adjusting interaction, and showing signals of power and status. When we communicate non-verbally people read us through our facial expressions, our distance, sense of touch, and display rules (that dictate what emotions we decide to use in certain situations) that we communicate. If a partner doesn’t show enough emotion and concern it can give off signals of poor communication. Just as too much power or status can lead to an unhealthy relationship.
On the other hand, our…

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