The Importance Of A Healthy Lifestyle

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A. Importance of Healthy Lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle begins in training during childhood years, supervised by parents or guardian. As a child grows and travels through adolescence, health habits are either retained or changed by external factors such as hobbies, peers, and personality. During college years, students become more sedentary and as their physical activity levels decrease, health consequences increase.
There are many reasons for degradation of health. One is because college is such a tremendous transition period. It is usually the first time students are responsible for leading a healthy a lifestyle. It is the first time they have to manage their time and make time to exercise.
Without the usual high school health
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Universities are uniquely positioned to implement a comprehensive strategy for increasing physical activity by addressing individual level factors such as time, motivation, or skill, and determinants beyond an individual’s control such as social, economic, environmental factors.
D. Stress
Stress is an inevitable part of life. It can take a toll on student’s physical health, emotional well-being, and academic success unless they can learn to manage it appropriately.
Students who suffer from stress usually show signs of depression or anxiety. They may experience many adverse effects on their academic and social lives and, subsequently are more likely to drop out of school or achieve lower grade point averages.
Without proper primary care, students are subject to severe effects of stress. Without parents, stress is less likely to be diagnosed since students are very hesitant to approach collaborative counseling services and care management appointments.
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And because of the improper exposure of the students to such matter, the rate of use of drugs and alcohol including tobacco is increasing gradually.
Sleep disturbance is a big check on college. Reasons may vary such us academic motives, social and ecological life, and/or health issues. Most students suffer insomnia when they reach college due to long term effect of sleep deprivation.
The absence of exercise in college causes students to be not just physically but mentally and emotionally weak. Exercise is a foremost requirement for a fit body and lifestyle. Students get lousier because of their uncertain schedule and lack or too much of social support.
Stress, being an inexorable part of life, has been affecting students since they were young. As they grow older, they face more stressors than the usual and most of the time; students refuse to handle the stress that the stressors had bought them. This may result to sever stress illnesses without parental guidance and

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