Essay on The Importance Of A Healthy Balanced Diet

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After completing my Family Pedigree, Ecological System, and Food Log, I noticed a pattern of diabetes that has impacted my steps to obtain a healthy life. Therefore, I chose prevention techniques as the focus of my research. After researching diabetes, I found that nutrition, exercise and awareness are prevention techniques that I can utilize now. Nevertheless, African Americans are at a high risk for diabetes, which emphasizes the importance of me acknowledging this evolving condition. Many people can prevent harmful and deadly health conditions by taking action in the premature stages. As a result, I have made a commitment to inforce and live by the techniques that my research has revealed. A diabetes free life is possible through productivity, information, and healthy dietary substances.
To begin, if I maintain my diet, physical activity, and continuing my education I will increase my overall health, which will decreases my chances of being diagnosed with diabetes. I believe that a healthy balanced diet will prevent many illnesses. Due to accessibility and money, many citizens choose unhealthy food options, which leads to obesity, and as a result, leads to diabetes. Simply replacing chips with fruit, white bread with wheat bread, turkey or chicken for beef, can be the foundation for living a healthy diabetes free life. In addition to, working out at least three times a week, accommodates a healthy diet. Working out will assist me with burning off what I eat and…

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