The Importance Of A Happy New Year To You And Your Family

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happy new year to you and your family. I hope the new year the starting off well for you as for me and because of you it started out to be a wonderful new year There is a saying that I learned a long time ago and that is life is what happens when you 're busy making other plans this is stuck with me for years and I have always often thought about it when my plans do not line up with what life has in store for me this seemingly simple statement has on several occasions put my thinking back into perspective on the occasions where my attitude has been less than favorable when my plans and life as it happened did not everyone plans that I had made . however last year,2015 had me caring this simple statement with me continuously. and using it …show more content…
Hunter routine medical exam she had complained about a backache the she believed to be a pinched nerve we would find out later does she had stage 3 pancreatic cancers. from the time of their diagnosis until she was laid to rest was only 89 days it was a shock from the time she was diagnosed until 89 days when I laid her to rest.

still in shock and really over the unexpected and untimely death of my mother we lost Emily 's father. and shortly after that I was involved in an accident that has required two surgeries in the past year with one more still to come I must say that the whole year is still pretty much a blur to me Lake of thought I was trying to walk through without knowing which direction I was going along with all the loss came with it exchanging our circumstances in mine and my daughters circumstances I am not used to being on the receiving end of what you have done for my daughter on myself this past
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I 'll never forget it your generosity and your thoughtfulness in all the you did for us and gave to us this past Christmas everything from the food to all the new clothes you got for Emily in the jacket thank you so much for the underwear and the socks she was so happy and so overwhelmed enjoy full for every single thing that you gave to her in the books the brand new jacket the little tiny ring the toothbrushes she was happy about the toothbrushes she was actually happy about the toothbrushes just everything she couldn 't believe it as much as I could not believe

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