Essay on The Importance Of A Fast Food Industry

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Throughout observing my workplace (Subway) there are many aspects that could be covered about culture, but the major three categories I am going to be covering are ethnicity, ritual, and communication even though many aspects were covered in class related to my workplace, but these three categories were most prominent to my shift.
First and foremost, fast food industry is all about communication and the way one presents themselves to a customer. Together with this I thought another category of race/ethnicity and ritual were important as well.
Living in Canada there is allot of multiculturalism, we deal with allot of different people that come from different ethnicities, age, and culture. But at my workplace we are mostly all Punjabi with a few Asian people working. In fact the owner himself is Punjabi. I HAVE NEVER REALLY REALIZED HOW IMPORTATNT RACE AND ETHNICTY CAN BE, UNTIL DOING THIS ASSIGNMENT. WITH UR ETHNICITY COMES LANGUGUAE AND SOMETIMES WE GET CUMSTOMERS AT SUBWAY THAT DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH SO WE HAVE TO SPEAKIN OUR LANGUAGE AND PROVIDE THEM WITH THE CUSTMER SERICE THEY NEED.
In addition to this while observing I realized we have allot odd ritual at subway that some people do. For example one of the guys that I work with cleans trains and he doesn’t do like we normally do. HE brings the eat-in trays, from the front and wipes them on a table first then he moves to the table next to it and re-whips the same trays with the same cloth and then he picks…

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