Essay about The Importance Of A Critical Thinking Skills

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In the age of information, it is imperative that students are equipped with a skill set to enable them to function in the required capacity their employers demand. Currently, the content taught is a vehicle used to connect students to the skills they need to succeed. Some of those proficiencies include communication, collaboration, critical thinking, productivity and flexibility. Through the small group lab interactions, students learn to communicate and collaborate in order to come to a common conclusion of their experiment. For example, exchanging thoughts on what steps to take next. Critical thinking skills are derived from their ability to take the foundational information learned in lecture and the observations from the experiment to draw conclusions and answer higher order, real world questions as it pertains to the lab. Students develop flexiblity when becoming accustom to their peers varying learning styles and paces. Lastly, when students begin to master all the above stated 21st century skills they become more productive, learning to cover efficiently and effectively the needed task within the given time frame, with little to no error.
All of the intended skills are transferred to the students within the confines of the classroom. To update strategies of teaching, some of the things that could be changed is the method and the extent in which students communicate and collaborate. Classroom environments tend to be controlled and the learning of one is the…

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