The Importance Of A Cn Certified Nursing Assistant Essay

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Riley McGuinness
Mrs. Bauer
Senior Project Research Essay
November 9, 2016
The Importance of a CNA
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) positions are not jobs that comes to mind when considering the medical field; however, it is an important step in becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). CNAs are basically caregivers to people who otherwise can 't do things on their own or need to be taken care of, medically and physically. the importance of a CNA and the importance of becoming a CNA before attending a nursing program is a critical piece of the healthcare field. CNAs have a very hands-on important job that only a certain type of person can do.
A CNA has very specific duties such as bathing and feeding patients. It is very important as most, if not all, patients who have a caregiver need help bathing and eating as they cannot do it on their own. A CNA can administer medication under supervision of an RN to people who require it. It is also imperative that you take your patient 's vital signs and make sure they are getting the medical attention they need accordingly (How to Become Your Dream Career). CNAs also have the responsibility to clean rooms of the patients they are caring for. These are things that one should be mindful of when deciding to become a CNA.
There are many programs and classes available for CNA training. A database of CNA programs can be accessed by typing in a zip code and the education acquired, and it will show results of all the programs and classes…

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