Personal Essay: The Importance Of Respect

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Respect falls along the lines of having a deep admiration for someone or something prompted by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. Respect reflects attitude. Attitude reflects leadership and leadership reflect responsibility. I could go on and continue the analogy that respect brings. I believe, that in order to fully mature and grow in life, you need to have respect. To many, the aspect of being respectful shows willingness and acceptance by allowing other people’s actions or belief to become effective on how we react. You choose to keep your thoughts or opinions to yourself, no matter the situation. It is a very important thing to learn. In this essay, I will explain the responsibility of being respectful and the examples it sets. …show more content…
Focusing more on another scenario, I want to state how attitude also plays an important role in being or giving respect. Moods that are angry, mad, frustrated and so on, tend to have a very bad attitude. That results in disrespect being brought out. You can’t earn respect by always displaying a bad attitude all the time and expect anyone to want to be around you. If you’re having a bad day and accidentally bump into someone without apologizing, causing them to drop all of their things, that’s disrespectful. For one you bumped into someone, then you made them drop their stuff, and three you didn’t stop, help or apologize. What should’ve happened was, firstly apologizing, then picking up their stuff without asking, and finally, you should ask them if they are okay. The way your attitude is shown to the other person probably is setting them up to have a rough day themselves. Recognizing the problem and then listening closely to the response, is all a key part of being respectful. Looking out at the end to see if that person is okay is showing a positive attitude. Even though the person you accidentally bumped might have a bad attitude, you should be the bigger person and have a positive attitude. Just simple things like greeting a person when they enter a room, saying positive things to lighten a mood or smiling when talked or passed

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