The Implications Of International Programmes Supporting Public Health Growth And Development

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It’s Time to “Pop the Bubble”: The Implications of International Programmes Supporting Public Health Growth and Development

Let’s face it— Canadians are some of the healthiest people in the world. With programmes covering both health protection at the clinical level, and health promotion at the policy level (e.g. The Public Health Agency of Canada), Canada easily has a population that can call themselves healthy relative to much of the rest of the world. To test this, let’s examine a hypothetical: a Toronto couple, married, has arrived back from Sierra Leone presenting with a fever and cold-like symptoms. Here in Canada, thanks to our medical advancements and public health systems, the couple would be quarantined immediately and contact tracing (finding every person who was contacted by the couple in the previous 21 days) would begin. In the next few days after the event, Canadian health agencies would announce the first case of Ebola in Canada. Next steps would include public health campaigns to promote sanitation, hospital protocols being introduced to prevent Ebola virus becoming nosocomial, and increased vigilance of patient symptoms in health care centers. This is all thanks to the public health care system in Canada which works like a well-oiled machine to destroy the threat and make sure its traces do not arise again. However, obviously, this is not the case in third world nations like Sierra Leone and Liberia. Here, the infrastructures of the…

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