The Implications Of Cheerleading

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The National Cheerleading Association and the Implications it Left on the Sport
5,6,7,8! The typical counts that cheerleaders hear everyday. Cheerleading has always been perceived as a show for the entertainment of others or as individuals whose only focus is to pump up a team. In reality, cheerleading has developed into something much different than the normal stereotypes. It is no longer about the look, sexy outfits, and leading the crowd. Cheerleading has developed into its own sport and has become extremely competitive. Although it is argued that it is not a sport, cheerleading has the competitive nature that any other sport has. In 1948, cheerleading took a huge turn from “ra ra ree” when the National Cheerleading Association was formed.
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It did not have a competitive nature, and cheerleader’s only jobs were to pump up a team. When NCA was formed, the idea of cheerleading changed, but cheerleading was left with stereotypes of what it was before NCA. Dr. Joshi (2006) claimed that “cheer was not a sport because it was shadowed by flamboyant costumes and sexual undertones (para 4).” In reality, a cheerleader’s job was no cakewalk because after the development of NCA it started to combine elements of gymnastics, dance, stunts, and pyramids. In 1948, cheerleading changed and began difficult for just anyone to master whereas before NCA cheering was an easy nature for any individual to pick up on. Cheerleaders began to have to obtain essential skills to be able to perform the things they needed to. Dr. Joshi (2006) mentioned that the flyers who are thrown in the air have to maintain their balance to be able to stay up there without falling and the bases underneath them must have big muscles and strength to hold up their flyers without dropping them (para 5). Cheerleading took a turn into a sport itself in 1948, and it was no longer about the look or show. NCA caused athletes to take their job more seriously; they wanted to be recognized as fully-fledged athletes as all the other sports members were. NCA began and teams began to compete against each other causing cheerleading to develop certain rules and guidelines. With these guidelines teams began to choreograph different routines and compete to see who was better. The industry began to grow and more and more, and athletes liked the idea of NCA and joined in on the

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