Essay On The Importance Of Roman Military

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The Roman Empire is renowned for being one of the greatest empire of the ancient world. The military played a crucial role on making Rome’s glory withstand the test of time. In addition, it was a significant aspect of Ancient Roman society as it shaped the Roman Empire and the Western civilisation. This is due to Rome’s military potential to campaign a wide-scale war with its neighbouring nations resulting to form the Roman Empire. The military was regarded important as it influenced all the territory under the Roman rule to conform to Rome’s way of life and culture. As a result, it secured peace and order throughout the Empire. However, due to the military extensive campaigning, it led to hyperinflation and eventually the inevitable downfall of the Roman Empire.
The principle role of the Roman Imperial military was to conquer
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Roman citizens from the aged of 17 were bound to serve the military due to their civic duty to the State and had a belief that they were given a divine right to rule other nations. The military was essential to the Roman Empire as it was a source of revenue, provided employment and infrastructures. Moreover, the military spread Roman’s custom and law throughout the Roman Empire. As a result, it influenced other nationalities of Roman’s way of life and integrating them into the Roman society. Subsequently, Roman’s custom and law became the cornerstone of Western civilisation. In addition, the military secured peace and order throughout the Empire due to their consideration to local customs. Furthermore, the military dominance and strength heavily relied on the Empire’s funding. Consequently, this abet to the increasing inflation and contributed to its inevitable downfall. Undeniably, the military’s contributions significantly served as a catalyst of Rome’s imperial expansion and glory as well as its

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