The Impacts Of Globalization And The Future Of Globalization

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The impacts of globalization in the economies all around the world have continued to remain controversial. There have been all kinds of arguments being made to reflect on the future of globalization such as Thomas Friedman who had adopted an unreserved positive approach being examined on globalization and on the other hand Naomi Klein who had disregarded the globalized society. However, it is important to form an individual perception on globalization in order decide the fate of future individually.
From this perspective, the aim of this essay will be to analyze the arguments presented for and against globalization from the view of Thomas Friedman and Naomi Klein respectively. The purpose of this essay is to describe whether globalization is
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From this view, globalization allows the destiny of humans to get culminated and there does not exist any way by which globalization can be stopped because it is completely significant from the perspective of wealth and welfare. According to the book “The world is flat,” author Friedman explains that a door of opportunity is opened by globalization for people across the world. By global trade, global communication and global policies emergence has ignited the organizational expansion leading to inevitable demand of cost efficient measures. In contrast to this, the shock doctrine of globalization as presented in the Canadian author, Naomi Klein 's view, it has been argued that the processes of globalization obtain their power from policies that are neo-liberal in nature, having an aim of reforming radicals of economic systems nationally and also on the policies to impose the super-capitalism form bringing benefit only for the people who have invested, the shareholders, the baking systems, funds of hedges and companies that are trans-national but it brings disadvantages for those nations in which policies create obstruction (Peter, 2006, pp. 75). The author further believes that credibility has been lost by the U.S as a …show more content…
Klein cited that as a matter of fact, the globalization process losers are those classes in the global upper middle status who form the maximum population of Europe (Friedman, 2006, pp. 65). These population groups have not stopped earning, but their earning has never risen since the past 20 years (Friedman, 2006, pp. 43). For a country such as Poland, even after the general perceptions, among the wealthiest economies in the world, it is one from them (Friedman, 2000, pp. 37). The highlight here is the need of accelerating the growth of economies in order to advance the rapid possibility of the distance from potential groups that are swampy inclusive of the classes in the upper middle

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