Essay about The Impact On Public Health

1028 Words May 27th, 2016 null Page
While movement of people, food and manufactured goods do have negative impact on public health however it will be a negative approach to take steps to reduce the movement of people, flow of manufactured goods and movement of food. Let’s start with the movement of people. This is the single most critical thing that accounts for human growth and development. United States of America is the world super power and more importantly world’s hub for soft power. It has best brains in engineering, information technology, health sciences, space technology and you name a sector and best of the best people are in United States (US). The people with brain have made US the super power of the world. It has also allowed US to rule the world since World War-I. These people brought innovation and new ideas that resulted in rise of US. The baby boomers of 1950’s were mostly immigrants, most of them were second or third generations immigrants while others were first generation of immigrants. The movement of people made America greatest country in the world and this is precisely the reason that US is called the nation of immigrants. As it were immigrants who brought innovation and diversity in US culture and science, available nowhere else, that led to current supremacy of US on rest of the world. In order to ensure that this movement of people does not contribute to the spread of disease it is important that strict checking for diseases and arrangements for vaccination at entry points is…

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