The Impact Of Technology On Physical Education Essay example

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Technology in physical education has been around ever since shortly after the first physical education class took place in the fall of 1820; where they started to focus on gymnastics and the hygiene of the human body. Technology has been a part of classrooms for as long as people can remember, whether it be the first calculator in math class or the first light bulb that would soon light up a literature classroom full of students. Physical education department leaders and teachers have taken technology and applied it to work in their classes, thinking in perhaps that this would make things smoother, more fun and essentially easier for everyone involved. Technology can be labeled and taken into context many ways. To narrow your focus down, I would like for you to think of when you were back in your high school physical education class. If you can, I would like for you to narrow your focus down a little bit more, to the beginning of the class, where you, along with 20-30 other students were lined up along the fence in your fresh new gym uniform looking forward to what was in store for the class in the next hour or two. You wait there patiently as the teacher takes attendance. You wait… and wait… and wait.... until you became bored of all the waiting. You wish that your teacher had an ipad or some technological device that would move things along in a more precise way. Nowadays, this is the social normal for teachers in physical education. They use ipads and tablets to do the…

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