The Impact Of Technology On Higher Education Essay

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Technology being used in higher up education has many arguments that support personal technology being an advantage or a disadvantage for students. What can’t be denied if used correctly it can enhance the learning experience of students all around.

What are the effects and flexibility on students using personal technology (cell phones, laptops, etc.) and teachers incorporating it in their teaching mode on higher up education?

It can be said that almost all the students use personal technology in their student life, but how many of the teachers are incorporating this technologies in their teaching mode. A vast majority of students own a cell phone and a laptop and there are some that have more personal technologies at their disposal like tablets, electronic readers and smart watches. Having access to books or information is now just a click away and that is an effect that technology in higher up education can bring. In my primary research I paid attention to se how many of my teacher where using technology in their courses. I realized that even though basically all of my classes used in some sort of way personal technologies I don’t think they use to a maximum extend and just in a basic way. Analyzing in general I realized and notice that really depended in many factor either if technology was present or not in the course but without a doubt it has become something very basic in our learning method.
Technology is now on days is something basic in almost every upper…

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