Essay about The Impact Of Social Networking On Our Lives

925 Words Oct 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Have you ever applied for a job or to a college and wondered why you weren’t hired or admitted? Have you recently spent any time reviewing your digital footprint? If your answer to the last question was no, then you may have just found the answer to the first question. In today’s society, there is a multitude of social networking websites available to almost anyone with internet access. These sites allow users to provide a seemingly harmless view into their everyday lives, sharing with others what they did for their birthday, who they visited for Christmas or possibly even what they ate for lunch. Little do they know that every post, picture, tweet or tag can affect their future endeavors. Not only can the information accessed on these sites discourage a college from admitting a future student, but it can also hinder the users ' prospective job search. That ostensibly innocuous, yet vulgar post meant to cause a giggle among your friend group is now a deciding factor in whether or not you land your dream job or make it into the college you’ve been longing to be a part of since freshman year of high school. Students and prospective employees are unknowingly and unintentionally hindering their own approaching futures because of their lack of knowledge about the hazards caused by social networking. Those who have been informed of these hazards often ignore the warnings or simply don’t believe them. The truth is that schools and employers are becoming increasingly prone to…

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