The Impact Of Social Media On Modern Society

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From the everyday 9 to 5 worker, professionals sports teams, The President of the United States, and every teenager across the world has a social media account. It has completely changed media and culture. There is advertising, love, nudity, videos, bullying, and everything in between that are subjected to question in social media in. In today’s context it is blended within the fabric of culture and never in history has it been so important and impactful. Although social media has made strides to impact society positively, there are greater potential dangers of cyber bullying and privacy issues. Many members of the public will argue that social media has brought a lot of positive change to modern society. According to Syed Noman Ali of Social Media Today, points out that these arguments consist of connecting with old friends from past years, opening opportunities for business, and reducing culture barriers. Facebook is the largest social media outlet by far with 1.49 billions active accounts across the globe. There are millions of users uploading photos, sharing ideas, and making connections across the world every second which increases the argument of being a positive force. There has never been this invention in the history to the world. But …show more content…
The website continues to show staggering figures: “25 percent of teenagers report that they have experienced repeated bullying via their cell phone or on the Internet” and “Over half (52 percent) off young people report being cyber bullied.” This is an issue that parents are not understanding and following closely because of the generation gap with technology. This will slowly get closer and better because generation Y will start having children and enter parenthood. Cyber bulling is a nasty virus that has caught onto social media. This does not outweigh the positives of what social media is intended and the danger is very real and continues to

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