The Impact Of Religion And Modernism

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The ability for anyone to practice their religion in America showcases the diversity and awe-inspiring power of freedom. Advancement in American technology has effects on all aspects of society including religion. Today America has instant access to copious amounts of information with the use of the internet and other media outlets. Religion is often the most scrutinized aspect of modern culture, but is also the backbone to modern American society. Though the effects of modernity have the ability to change religious practices. Modernity has influenced Jews, Catholics, and Protestants by assisting in revivals, and development of each religion which lead to both innovation and acceptance of different religious ideas. The Jewish religion has had such and influence form modernism that it was split into different sects.
Due to the immense task of being accepted into American society modernism influenced Judaism by causing conformity and leniency within the region. Modernism had a direct influence on the Jewish
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The most notable of the affects being the changes to their governing theology, and alteration to more traditional practices. For example, Diana L. Eck explains how these more liberal Protestants, and fewer other Christians, initiated the beginning of more modern acceptance to other religious views. When writing about the World’s Parliament of Religion Eck states “It was planned by American Christians, mostly Protestants, and it could as easily be seen as one of the opening events of the modern Christian ecumenical movement as the first act in the modern interreligious movement”2. Like the Jewish religion Protestants were also driven to more modern and liberal ideas. Their acceptance of these modern ideas has driven them to be accepting of other religious ideas to produce a more religious

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