The Impact Of Population Growth On Population Development

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Australian population increases significantly and according data from Australian bureau of statistics 2013, it is predicted to reach 46 million by 2075. Population growth could affect today everyone life and future generation. Although this condition may have a good effect for business due to large demand for products and services, the population projection rises an issue about carrying capacity which is ability for resources to support a high quality of human life or ecosystem without significant reduce those resources. Uncontrolled population growth would also influence sustainable development for Australia because I believe that the population will have limit by certain factors such as space, water and climate. This essay will give clear …show more content…
The shape of urban and rural area in Australia is determined by population changing. Infrastructure such as transportation, clean water, energy, and recreation facilities is minimum standard requirement for government to cater public needs. Growing population would have a significant impact that would become challenge to provide affordable services. The distribution of population in Australia is concentrated in east coast especially in urban area. Limitation of land, high density, and high energy consumption would increase carbon footprint (Allen 2011). Moreover, rapid population growth would increase the demand for infrastructure and it could reduce the wellbeing of community as increasing cost such us congestion cost (Ergas 2012). However, controlled population growth from migrants would benefit the nation that guarantee infrastructure funding from taxes and services. Another factor to improve community wellbeing is affordable housing. Initially, Australian house is located in capital city with large lots and lower density. It means that community enjoys high income and abundance land (Ergas 2012). Increasing population encourages people to find settlement. However, urban areas face challenge from land availability that make the price increase that could not afford by most people. In addition, Social inclusion is main consideration for liveability. It encourages all group communities to life together in harmony and there is no subgroup that could not adapt with the future challenge. However, immigrants who come from non native English speaking or European experience negative opinion (Marcus 2012). There are many other issues influenced by unlimited population growth including health, social and green

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