The Impact Of Patient Transport On The Transport Of Acutely Unwell And Critically Ill Patients

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The following chapter is an account of the available literature on the transport of acutely unwell and critically ill patients. It will begin by outlining the search strategy used to obtain the literature in this review. The literature review will present the history of patient transport, with a focus on the adverse effects suffered by patients. It will then present the need for specialty trained staff to undertake critical care transportation. Finally it will present how the role of nursing can be expanded in order to develop nurse-led IHT services to meet the needs of patients without compromising patient safety.
2.2 Search Strategy In order to identify relevant publications, a literature search was conducted using CINAHL, PubMed and Medline. The keyword search utilised the following terms: transport, inter-hospital, transfer critically ill patients, ambulance nursing, air ambulance nursing, transport, critical care, Intensive Care Unit, guideline, framework. In addition, manual searches were conducted in the reference lists of retrieved documents. Search terms were limited to publication dates initially from 2000-2014, however manual searchers revealed several relevant documents therefore the search terms were expanded to publication dates from 1980–2014 and to articles written in or later translated into English. A total of 142 articles were retrieved and these were analysed for suitability. Through analysis of the literature in relation to transport medicine,…

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