The Impact Of Nuclear Power In China

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Nuclear power in China has for a long time now been accorded significant attention due to the potential it has in the generation of alternative sources of energy. Previously, the country had a high reliance on coal power occupying around 70% of the total energy production. According to World Nuclear Association, 6% of the country’s energy was produced from hydroelectric energy while 1% was produced from nuclear power with the renewable energy sources also occupying 1 percent. However, due to the carbon emission from the use of coal as the primary source of energy, the country has been considering and expanding the production of nuclear power which does not emit carbon that is detrimental to the environment. This paper will, therefore, highlight a theoretical perspective of the nuclear energy technology as well as critical intervention and a proposal for future work concerning nuclear power in China. …show more content…
Conceptual framework
As at 2014, the electricity consumption per year was estimated to be over 19 million MW per hour in a year that translates to about 313 watts per person, making China the largest energy consumer in the world (World Nuclear Association). Based on these recorded estimates, the electrical demand is growing rapidly in China explaining why the country has been at the forefront in pioneering the generation of nuclear energy. Besides, the environmental effects associated with the currently leading energy source, coal, are also the precursors for the emphasis on nuclear power. Also, the country’s economic growth can be linked directly to the production and consumption of energy and as such, energy strategists have been of the opinion that sufficient production of nuclear power can be helpful in mitigating environmental effects caused by coal energy and promoting the country’s economic growth (Nakato, 5). The strategist’s opinions are in this case based on the energy

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