The Impact Of Media On Society 's Mass Media Essay

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The Impact and Society

Mass media has become a powerful piece of technology. It is powerful because people have access to everything, as an internet community have to guard the negative impacts it can bring, such as moral panics, the time we spend on the internet, and how we progress. According to the articles, they shared the panics on the internet in its infancy stage, but mass media has since then evolved into something that is powerful to say the least. Now, people have a piece of new technology that gives everyone access to just about everything, that is called the “internet”, this technology we will continue to change our style with how we access information, this may require some self-control, so it doesn’t affect us. In “What You Don’t Know Makes You Nervous” D. Gilbert, discusses, why humans panic, and shares with us on how the unknown makes us nervous when it comes to new things. The internet contributes to us more than it takes away from us because it offers a wide range of information which can cause a panic, this can cause distractions, and it also feeds people’s primitive cravings.
People can put blame on the internet and say that it changes the way they think, since they have a different way of gathering information. According to the article, “Mind Over Mass Media” Steven Pinker points out that this is just another moral panic. Some people see mass media as a great thing, but users are still adjusting. Access to such a large amount of information has been a…

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