The Impact Of Loss And Theft Of Electronic Data On Companies Essay

1290 Words Jun 26th, 2016 null Page
In the article “Impact of the Loss and Theft of Electronic Data on Companies”, the author uses many techniques to persuade his audience that there are some problems our society faces due to cyber attacks and critical information theft, and that there are some solutions to these problems, if we put an effort in training people on the safely use of personal devices. He divides the article in different sections and uses keywords, an abstract, and headings to help his readers to understand the topic and follow the main ideas. He also provides data from different credible surveys and stays focused on his main claim throughout the paper. In addition, he uses transitions when moving from one section to another. The author is very successful in presenting his well-organized paper with useful data. With the exception of a few unnecessary numbers presented in the paper, he supports all of his claims with supporting details from a variety of sources. The article “Impact of the Loss and Theft of Electronic Data on Companies” focuses on many types of cyber threats and the techniques cyber criminals use to trick people. It also states that there are many reasons for the offenders to steal information from people and how much it costs when these attacks happen. But it is clear that, according to the paper, most of the incidents occur because of the negligence of the users. Some other reasons why offenders are able to break through users ' devices are the old anti-viruses and/or…

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