Essay On Hispanic Immigration

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Ever since the discovery of the New Word by the Spanish, people of many different ethnic backgrounds have migrated to America. On such example is the Asian and Hispanics population. Since the late 1970’s, there has been an enormous increase in the number of immigrants coming over to America. As a result, the population of Hispanics and Asians has risen dramatically to about 40 million in just the last couple of years in the United States. This vast uprising in population has pushed America to change many of its economic, social, and political traditions, some of which we have grown accustomed to. These rapid changes in our traditions have also led many people to question whether this has affected our society in a positive or negative way. Based on my experience as being a Hispanic immigrant, I can say that these changes have affected our society in a positive way.
The United States is considered by many to be a country of immigrants and a land of opportunity. The current Hispanic and Asian population in my opinion is very similar to that of the first group of immigrants. A big similarity that I found was that many people back then migrated to America in hopes of building a better future for themselves and their families. That is something that has not changed,
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Most of the Hispanics are entering illegally and do not have much say in the United States, which is why many Hispanics are taken advantage of. I personally came here illegally as a child, but with much dedication and hard work, I am now in college. I wish I were able to get some of the great benefits that some of my other classmates receive and the ability to vote and hold office. Thankfully, for the Dream Act, I am able to attend college and once I graduate, I will be able to acquire the job I am going for. I wish Hispanics would attempt to enter legally, so they can get all the great advantages this great country has to

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