The Impact Of Globalization On Western Culture Essay

732 Words Oct 8th, 2016 3 Pages
Globalization has recently become a very common term - used in politics, markets, business operations and in describing our society today. It has influenced our trade, our policies, our government and also, the way we live today. This paper is to prove the influence globalization has on western society and culture, and that it has been a positive change. Here, it will be attempted to prove three main points: (1) increasing globalized trade agreements due to the demand of foreign products and services in Western cultures. (2) the rising of independence between countries due to the amount of immigration and emigration, and (3) that all of the above statements show that there is a positive correlation between globalization and the changes happening in western culture because of it.

When globalization is in place, there is an independence between two parties, sometimes these parties may be companies or manufacturers. Because of this, goods and services are brought and distributed from different parts of the world. As society demands products from different cultures to bring into theirs, the demand for globalization also, increases. After extending the research for this paper, many examples of the growing need from all aspects of Western cultures such as its markets or its communities to use and bring foreign goods and services. This will be done by comparing the state of globalization before and the current urgency for foreign goods where established. The trade agreements…

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