The Impact Of French Imperialism In Egypt

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The answer to this perplexing question lies on how the French viewed the outside world. By turning Egypt into an object to be visited and observed, the event organizers created an image of Egypt as something set apart from Europe that could be acquired. In a very real sense, the exhibit made the French ponder how their own unique culture compared to that of the Egyptians. As a result, this had the unintended consequences of stirring French nationalism and a desire for empire, especially when the economic conditions created by the Suez Canal were added to this state of affairs. However, the images that the French observed often did not match the realities of their experiences when they encountered Egypt itself. As a consequence, the French sought to mold Egypt into the World’s Fair model experienced in Paris. Therefore, in a very physical sense, French nationalism led to imperialism which, when confronted with a culture that was not what they expected, sought to transform Egyptian culture to parallel their preconceptions. So, French imperialism in Egypt is an instance of cultural diffusion gone awry fueled by nationalism. The theme of nationalism as a vehicle for political imperialism was also …show more content…
The punitive measures exacted upon German as a consequence of the Treaty of Versailles when combined with the political ineptness of the Weimer Republic and the economic collapse of Germany’s economy during the worldwide depression helped to thrust Hitler onto the national stage. Using nationalism as a mobilizing force, Hitler convinced the German people that the defeatism of post WWI Germany could only be reversed if Germans embraced certain ideals that Hitler had spelled out in his book, Mein Kampf. In this work, Hitler called for Lebensraum or living space in which all German speaking peoples would be united under what Hitler termed The Third

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