French Involvement In The American Revolution Essay

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French Involvement in The American Revolution In the year 1778, the defining moment of the American Revolution had come about. In 1778, the colonists were upset with Britain because they were not receiving their neutral rights and they felt the need to rebel against Britain to gain these rights and show them they would not stand for it. The only problem was that they colonists were going against Britain who at the time had the largest army so the colonists were heavily outnumbered. Even tho outnumbered, the colonists still decided they were going to rebel against Britain and they gained some support from the French. The French supported the colonists by creating a dummy company that would secretly provide colonists with weapons to use against …show more content…
Valley Forge is located 22 miles away from Philadelphia which at the time was in control of the British. Washington picked Valley Forge for the colonists to set up their camp for winter because it was located in the West Bank of the Schykill River and it could protect and defend Washington and his army if the British planned an attack. The year 1777 was not the greatest year for the patriots in the war because they had suffered some major losses such as the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and the US capital at the time of Philadelphia. As anyone could guess, losing a countries capital is a major loss as it causes for panic for all and it causes trouble for all. Without a capital it is harder to run your country and your country comes to like a haunt and it brings forth a cause for rebuild. While in Valley Forge, the troops under Washington we’re facing the true test due to a severely harsh winter. Hundreds of troops were killed due to disease and the freezing temperature. This type of situation brings down all the troops and can bring down their thoughts about the war, but General George Washington took on his role of leader and really brought the troops together. The troops were able to stay strong due to words of Washington and their loyalty to the true patriot

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