Climate Change: What´s Food Security?

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Different organizations define food security as the ability to produce, process, retail and transport enough food for the people around the world and make it accessible all the time with sufficient amounts, keep it safe and nutritious to fulfill the satisfaction of food requirements. Food security has been a concern since 1914-1918, when there was a health problem regarding foods and food shortage in the poorest countries. In order to improve food security, the problems of population, global warming and availability of food have to be addressed.

Food security is affected by the everyday increase of population which forces nations to highlight this problem to address it by improving productivity of agriculture and competitive pricing. The people
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People around the world realize that climate change has a serious effect on food and nutritional security. During the last decade the earth temperature increase dramatically and caused an extreme shortage of water in some countries. The water shortage forces the farmers to stop farming some types of agriculture and that decreases crops. For example, "In China many crops has migrated to northwards caused by extreme weather events, diseases and insect attacks" (Vidal, 2013, p2). In addition, in California's central valley are expected to lose 10 to 30% of their yields from tomato, rice, sunflowers, cotton and fruits which depend on winter chilling. Scientists are trying to work with different countries to reduce the effects of the global warming and they come up with some solutions and advice to avoid the significant impact of the temperature rising. One of their suggestion is to use sustainable energy such as wind, sunlight and water power as another source of energy rather than fossil oil which is one of the main causes of the global warming. They also recommend the factories use safe systems to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Some counties and factories start to implement different methods to solve this problem like building hydroelectric dams and using solar cells technology to produce electricity and convert the waste to biogas. After …show more content…
A statistic from Enough Food for Everyone campaign shows that in every 15 seconds, a child dies from hunger (Renton, 2013). Malnutrition happens in some countries not because of unavailability of food only but because of unfair distribution of food. Governments work to solve this problem by establishing some organizations to take care of distributing the food around the country. These organizations, supported by governments and companies, are responsible for providing enough food for poor people. The governments also provide agricultural lands for poor people so they can farm and benefit from the crops. Moreover, they create water channels to improve the irrigation system so production will increase. By the assistance of international private organizations and governments which made different programs to overcome the issue, malnutrition among the poor people is reduced and the person's health is improved.

To sum up, food security is one of the most important pillars to obtain the stability of nations. Easy availability and accessibility of food at all times is one of the main targets for many countries around the world. Most countries exert more effort to provide a decent life for the people because food security is important to have an active, healthy and productive life.

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