The Impact Of Climate Change On A Sustainable Community Management Of Natural Resources

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CBA Jamaica: Reducing Climate Change-Driven Erosion and Landslide Risk through Sustainable Agriculture (JCDT)

The community based adaptation objective is to integrate climate change risks into sustainable community management of natural resources by strengthening the resilience of communities addressing climate change impacts and to generate knowledge and lessons for replication and up scaling. Three impact indicators measure attainment of this objective. First, the number of measures that address the additional risks posed by climate change deployed as a part of sustainable resource management activities. Second, the percentage of area concern in which climate risk management activities, in the context of sustainable resource management is implemented. Lastly, the numbers of local and national level policies are adjusted because of lessons from CBA projects .
CBA projects are centered on the priorities and processes chosen by the community, and does not prioritize the interests of external parties over those communities . The UNDP-GEF for CBA project recognizes that small communities are often those most affected by, yet least equipped to cope with, the impacts of climate change. As a result, the CBA supports pilot projects to build the resilience of communities, their livelihoods, and the ecosystems upon which they rely in the face of climate change impacts . The upper slopes of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains are an important protected area, while the lower slopes are a…

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