The Impact Of Autocratic And Democratic Leadership Style On Job Satisfaction

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Bhatti, N., Maitlo, G. M., Shaikh, N., Hashmi, M. A., & Shaikh, F. M. (2012). The impact of autocratic and democratic leadership style on job satisfaction. International Business Research, 5(2), 192-201. This article describes the results of a study conducted on private and public schools, in order to see how Autocratic and Democratic leadership styles affected job satisfaction. After sending a detailed questionnaire to over two-hundred private and public school teachers, the authors went on to analyze their data in several different statistical values. The authors concluded that regardless of whether it is autocratic or democratic, a consistent leadership style in schools result in a higher job satisfaction. Based upon the data included with the article, I believe the authors’ conclusion stands true. In conclusions, this article supports the fact that leadership styles have a positive effect on people occupations and daily lives.

Cunningham, J., Salomone, J., & Wielgus, N. (2015). Project Management Leadership Style: A Team Member Perspective. International Journal of Global Business, 8(2), 27-54. This article from the International Journal of Global Business defines six different commonly used project management leadership styles and evaluates their effectiveness across industries. The effectiveness of the six leadership styles, coaching, strategic, laissez-faire, bureaucratic, autocratic, and democratic, where measures through electronic surveys sent to 61 participants…

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