The Impact Of Amazon On Our Daily Life And Has Made Purchasing Items Online So Simply

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When thinking of which company I was going to chose to conduct research on for this assignment, I immediately thought of an organization that I frequently use. Amazon has made more frequent appearances in my everyday life and has made purchasing items online so simply.
According to an online article published by, “, Inc. (, incorporated on May 28th, 1996, is an e-commerce company. The company offers a range of products and services through its websites. The company’s products, offered through consumer-facing websites, include merchandise and content that the company purchases for resale from vendors and those offered by their-party sellers.” (Reuters, 2015). Amazon is not only benefiting the customer by being able to by items at a discounted rate, but it also aids in the development of musicians and authors being able to publish and sell their work. It is mentioned in that same online article that, “It serves authors and independent publishers with Kindle Direct Publishing, which is an online platform that lets independent authors and publishers choose a 70% royalty option and make their books available in the Kindle Store, along with Amazon’s own publishing arm, Amazon Publishing. It also offers programs that allow authors, musicians, filmmakers, application developers and others to publish and market content.” (Reuters, 2015).
This company not only operates in the U.S, but on an international level as well. Every time you may think…

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