Image Of God

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Dahee Pyo
In this paper, I am going to talk about an essential belief of Christianity which is people are made in the image of God. In the text book, the meaning of the image of God is death with three approaches of examining the meaning of the image of God. These approaches are “Christology from above” approach, “Christology from below” approach, and “Christology from behind” approach. These are defined by theologians “to examine who he is and what he does (his work).” Moreover, I will think how the integration between the belief and my calling can have an impact on the way how I treat people in my chosen vocation.
To begin with, I am going to examine the meaning of the doctrine through the Bible verses with these theological approaches.
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To be specific, Genesis 3:15 is the first context that mentioned God’s first promise that He will send someone who will save human through the seed of woman. Beside this verse, there are many scriptures such as Isaiah 7:14 and Isaiah 9:6-7 clearly give an idea of the person of Christ coming as a prophecy who will redeem the world. Therefore, the Old Testament describes the image of God as a promise and prophecy of Jesus. When it comes about the New Testament, the contexts witness that Jesus Christ indeed came to people being a person. In this case, “Christology from above” approach will be used as a theological way. Firstly, when looking at Romans 8:30, it indicates that in order to be called, justified, and glorified, men should be considered within the God’s image. Therefore, the image of God cannot be within men because of the fall, but once glorification is given in the future, it will certainly conform men to the God’s image. In other words, the point is that …show more content…
Specifically, God has called me to youth ministries field and I will follow his commands faithfully. I would like to go back to Korea and start ministry there. It is because I am aware of the reality of education system in my country. I highly think that the dilapidated education system in Korea should be reformed and revamped. I think it is our responsibility to allow the youth to grow an insight for how the Creator, God handles the world and human. I believe young people have the power to change and impact the world. My point is that I place a lot of hope only on church. That is, when the education systems stem from church, our next generation will make a real impact on the world. The impact which I want them to make is the attitude of their living equipped with the mindset of Christ. Let young people thirst for spreading the good news to the

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