Essay on The Image Of A True Hero

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The Image of a True Hero
In a constantly changing world, one must ask themselves what defines a hero. Is it a comic book archetype such as Superman? Or a man like Odysseus who embarks on a fantastic adventure that brings out the best in him? Maybe the modern hero who does the right thing without need for compensation? With so many interpretations, it is difficult to come to a definitive conclusion. However, stories create a reality in which the reader can identify heroes or the hero of a particular tale. For example, in The Iliad by Homer, many characters are considered heroes due to their gallant acts on the battlefield. Many point to Achilles as the hero of the poem but when considering Bernard Knox’s interpretation, Hector is the hero of the poem because he is daringly courageous, solely devoted to his family and people, and selfless to others around him. Hector’s courage is brought out through his valiant actions and confident decisions in the heat of battle. It is evident Hector is fearless as Achilles closes in on him near the walls of Troy. Hector thinks to himself,
Better to lock up in mortal combat
As soon as possible and see to whom
God on Olympus grants the victory… (XXII, 146-148)

Knowing Achilles is the finest Greek fighter and holds no mercy for his victims, Hector nevertheless decides to fight the demigod. Fellow Trojans urge him to take asylum in the city, but he refuses exhibiting his brave personality. Before Hector boldly engages in combat with…

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