The Image Of A Advertisement Essay

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While getting further into the depth of the course has to offer we have been taught to critically look and analyze and filter Ads, articles, papers that are gender related. After frantically looking for the perfect Advertisement we could analyze for this project, we found a Tom Ford Advertisement online. Usually, before really understanding the grievance of the message trying to pass across, I would overlook the very most detail of this Advertisement. But looking closely through the lens of Feminism I began to see how each concept of the Ad was Sexist, racist and ableist. From the what the most little detail that is unseen to the largest detail seen. While trying to get this work done one of our group members took the time to share her story and she shared how a couple of years ago she was out with her parents, on their way out they decided to go to the mall to get a gift for one of her mother’s sister. During the cause of searching, her attention was caught by an Ad. The Ad was a white woman, with properly manicured nails, straightened hair, blue eyes carrying a bag. She began to think, and muttered, “Oh I really would want to be the face of a product some day”. Her mother who was paying close attention to her said “ In the society in which we live today, my dear you look absolutely different from what this people actually want”. after that incident she said she couldn 't get her mother 's statement out of her head and honestly I couldn 't get it out of…

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