Essay on The Iliad Vs. Troy

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The Iliad Vs Troy
For years, Greek literature has transitioned from ancient scrolls, to school textbooks, and often times to the big screen. Stories about Oedipus, Hercules, and the Titans have been told throughout the years captivating generation after generation. These classics never go out of style.
Greek mythological characters make for perfect movie stars; however, Hollywood doesn’t always stick to the script when portraying these legendary figures or their glorified stories. The tale of the Trojan War, is one of the most profound works of art, written by Homer, in his poem the Iliad. In 2004 this monumental story was transformed into a feature film under the direction of Wolfgang Petersen.
Troy, the movie, is a very inaccurate depiction of the Homeric epic, The Iliad. Yes, the characters and outcome of the war are the same, but the way in which the story is dramatically different. The plot differentiates so much from the original story, making the film lackluster. The movie portrayal of The Iliad; is slightly boring in comparison to the poem, a poor representation of the love triangle between Helen, Menelaus, and Paris, and the famous divine intervention written in the Iliad is nonexistent in the movie.
Epics narrate the deeds and adventures of heroes, legendary figures, and even historical nations. When reading an epic, suspense is expected, which is why these stories make for great movies. Many critics of Troy, feel as if the movie falls short of its…

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