Iliad And Odyssey Similarities

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The Iliad and The Odyssey The Iliad and The Odyssey are both texts written by the world famous Homer. These two text are quite popular in not only western literature but also is numerous classrooms around the world. These two texts provide different tools that are included in them to help teach many concerns and methods. Some believe that The Odyssey is the sequel to The Iliad mainly because it has some of the same characters and was written after. These two stories share common themes such as both texts take place over ten years, both are written in a narrative format, both texts focus around a strong character that is the protagonist, and even the relationship between humans and the Greek Gods. The Greek Gods are both included in the texts …show more content…
Both of these texts are studied all across the world and many thing have been said about them. Some come to believe that They Odyssey is a sequel due to its similarities between characters all the way to structural supports such as tone and writing style. Between these two the Gods are the main difference and act differently in both poems. In the Iliad the reader can see that the Gods are backstabbing and sneaky, doing anything they can for themselves, and even helping different sides. Whereas in The Odyssey the Gods show more of the unified factor and are more civil and work together to see Odysseus return home after ten long and brutal years in exile. This is important to study because with these two Gods being different it provides a sense of imagination and it helps create a story. That is what is believed to be why Homer depicts the Gods like this. Providing that shift in the story line of the Gods being different helps the reader catch on. The Gods acting different in both stories show how they acted towards humankind and it showed which mortals they liked more than others. The shift of the Gods provides a great climax to the storyline, it helps create the overall tone of the story. In the Iliad the theme is rage and it shows how the Gods go behind each other’s back to achieve something and it shows which mortals they liked most. Which provided that rage theme between humankind and Gods. Whereas the Odyssey was the old fashioned uplifting story to cheer for Odysseus to get home. It is important that Homer did this because it creates an outstanding overall

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