The Iliad: Boy N The Hood And Boyz N The Hood

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Nikayla Dahl
Professor Vogelpohl
ENG 201
24, September 2015
As time progresses, the world modernizes and individuals adapt to the changes in its surroundings, but innately as a whole people remain constant in their characteristics and actions. There is a reason why a smile is a universal sign of happiness, and tears are a universal sign of pain; they’re emotions that people felt thousands of years ago and will continue to feel thousands of years from now. The emotions that war and revenge inflict upon an individual are timeless and are comparable to other individuals all throughout history. The Iliad, written by Homer, and the movie Boyz N The Hood, written and directed by John Singleton, both portray the idea that stories from
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Both of these characters show a huge sense of pride and dedication to their war family, and both are well respected. After Doughboys brother Ricky is shot and murdered by the Bloods, Doughboy is devastated and he seeks revenge. He goes on a search and finds the man who murdered his brother and puts a bullet through his head. He is so overcome with emotions, at this point; he believed that the only way to truly get back at his brothers murderer was to murder him. Similarly, Akhilleus suffers over the death of his brother in arms, Patroklos. The narrator explains Akhilleus actions following the death: “In the river he kills many men and takes twelve alive who are to pay later for the death of Patroklos” (Iliad. 21. Summary). He is so angry that someone has made him feel this way that he thinks the only way to make himself feel better is revenge. He decides to go out in search of the man who did that to Patroklos, Hecktor. After a battle breaks out between the two men, Akhilleus …show more content…
Times haven’t changed people; people get irrational when they’re upset and act before they think at times. Each of these dominant men feels a sense of regret after they lashed out on their counterparts and to get even. Once the anger fades and the sadness and realization that loved ones were still gone sank in, both Doughboy and Akhilleus don’t necessarily feel ease with their decision to murder another human being in spite of their loss. They both came to the conclusion that they would receive what they had coming for them. At the end of the movie, Tre and Doughboy recollected their thoughts and feelings and Doughboy said to Tre, “Yo, cuz, I know why you got outta the car last night... shouldn 't have been there in the first place. You don 't want that s--t to come back to haunt you. I ain 't been up this early in a long time” (Boyz n the Hood). Doughboy speaks of the night prior when he murdered the man who murdered his brother. He is unable to be filled with the satisfaction he was expecting. Still saddened by loss, Akhilleus experiences corresponding emotions. The space that their loved ones once filled is still dark and empty. The underlying connection here is that these stories are thousands of years apart, but the emotions of the characters are so closely related to one another. The feeling of loss is something that will never go away but only gets easier with time. For

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