The Identity Of The Antichrist Essay

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2.) There is nowhere in the text that says this number is to be used to find out the identity of the Antichrist. Most futurist scholars would probably agree that by the time the Mark of the Beast is instituted, it won’t be a huge secret who the Antichrist is, especially to the saints living at the time of the Mark of the Beast. Contextually, it is clear from this passage that the Antichrist has already reached the place where Satan has come down to earth and is possessing the Antichrist (verse 1). The False Prophet is present displaying signs and wonders, and the image of the beast is created to make sure people are worshipping the image of the Antichrist as a god. It is very doubtful this could be happening before the Antichrist makes a seven-year covenant in Israel that makes it possible for them to rebuild their temple in Jerusalem; an event that will start the 70th week of Daniel, leaving no doubt as to the identity of the Antichrist. 3.) In order for Gematria to even have any intelligent meaning, the parameters of such method would need to be clearly defined. Different languages as well as differing letter values will spell various results. So what language does one use? Should we use Hebrew? Jesus and the apostles spoke Aramaic. Maybe Aramaic? Of course the Bible was written in Greek. But then again, Latin was the mother language of the church for over 1500 years. Do we use the language of the Trump’s nationality? That would be English. His ethnicity? That would be…

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